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What colour is Clan Hay's tartan? Clan Hay modern tartan is red based with green yellow and white stripes.

Who can wear Clan Hay's tartan? De la Haye, MacHay, O’Hea, Hayson, Hayes, Hays, MacGaradh,MacGarra, McArra, MacGarrow, Garra, Garrad, Garrow, O’Garra, O’Garrow, Leish,Leith, Des Hay, Peebles Hayton, Gifford, Hayston, Haydock, Haytor, Hayden,Hayens, Haylees, Haynes, Hayse, Deshays, Alderston, Kellour, Laxfirth,Locherworth, Yester, Drumelizior, Hayfield, Ay, Aye, Ayer, Haywood, Hayter,Haylor, Hayburn, Hayward, Hayne, Haynie, Haystoun, Hey, Haye, Heyes, De Hay, daHay, de Haya, da Haya, Dellahay, de la Hay, Hea, O’Hay Aue, Peeples Gifford,Beagrie, Tweeddale, Delgatie, Erroll, Kinnoull, Slains, Turriff, Dupplin, dePlessis, Arroll, Conn, Con, Hayhoe, Hayson, Hayhow, Hawson, D’Aye and Peoples


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Where are Clan Hay's lands?

Aberdeenshire and Tweeddale

What's all this wall business?

The legendary origins of the Clan state that in the year 980 the Danes were invading Scotland. At the battle of Luncarty, the Danes were victorious and forcing the Scots to retreat when a farmer and his two sons appeared in a narrow pass. The Farmer reprimanded the retreating Scots and picked up his ploughshare to lead a second charge against the Danes. The invading Danes thought a fresh corp of troops was coming their way so in confusion they fled the field of battle. The King was so grateful to the Farmer that he gifted him as much land as a falcon would cover before it landed. This story is probably false and the Hays more than likely descend from Norman families called de la Haye. Haye comes from haia, meaning hedge or stockade and therefore justifies my title, a wall against the Danish Horde.

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