About Clan Johnstone

What Colour is Clan Johnstone's tartan? Clan Johnstone Modern Tartan is dark green based with navy blue, yellow and black stripes.

Who can wear Clan Johnstone' tartan? Johnstone, Marchbanks, Marjoribanks and Rome

Gentle Johnstones? Known for being a fairly ferocious bunch, Walter Scott wrote in the Fair Maid of Perth Within the bounds of Anndale, The Gentle Johnstones ride, They have been there a thousand years, A thousand more they'll ride. It seems that the Johnstones' fierce nature was well known enough for Sir Walt to mock them for it.


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Where are Clan Johnston's lands?

Annandale in Dumfries and Galloway

Did you know?

Clan Johnston's Historic Seat is Lochwood Tower

Nunquam Non Paratus

Clan Motto

Nunquam Non Paratus
Never Unprepared

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