About Clan MacDonald

What colour is Clan MacDonald's tartan? Clan MacDonald tartan is green based, crossed with blue bands and red stripes.

Who can wear Clan MacDonald's tartan? The question isn't who can wear MacDonald tartan, it would be more appropriate to list those who can't as the list of septs is so extensive that anyone from Alastair to Wilkinson with about 200 other names in between!

Where are Clan MacDonald's lands? Originally the MacDonalds were the Lords of the Isles but have since spread throughout the Highlands.

What is Clan MacDonald's motto? Per mare Per Terras - By Land and By Sea

Right Wing! I voted Labour, what do you mean? Aonghus Og showed considerable loyalty to Robert the Bruce during the Wars of Scottish Independence and thereafter in battle, Clan MacDonald has been granted the honoured position to the right-hand side of the monarch.

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