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What colour is Clan MacKenzie's tartan? Clan MacKenzie's tartan is blue based with thick green bands with white and red stripes.

Who can wear Clan MacKenzie's tartan? Charles, Charleson, Cluness, Clunies, Comarty, Iverach, Iverson, Ivory, Kenneth, Kennethson, Kynoch, MacAweeney, MacBeolain, MacConnach, MacIver, MacIvor, MacKenna, MacKenney, MacKerlich, MacKinney, MacMurchie, MacMurchy, MacQueenie, MacVanish, MacVinish, MacVinnie, MacWeeny, MacWhinnie, Murchie, Murchison and Smart.


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Where are Clan MacKenzie's lands?

Ross-shire in the Highlands

History's Buffs

During the 18th century, the chief of the clan - Francis MacKenzie, 1st Baron Seaforth - created several now famous regiments from members of his clan. the regiments he created include the Highland Light Infantry and the Seaforth Highlanders. these regiments fought in Clan MacKenzies tartan. The Second regiment of Seaforth Highlanders was commonly known as the Ross-shire Buffs. All of the MacKenzie regiments had distinguished records in the wars against Napoleon and in the Indian Wars.

Luceo Non Uro

Clan Motto

Luceo Non Uro
I shine Not Burn

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