About Clan MacLennan

What colour is Clan MacLennan's tartan? Clan MacLennan Modern Tartan is green based with blue, red and yellow stripes.

Who can wear Clan MacLennan's tartan? Lobban and Logan

Who is this Red-Bearded chap? Clan MacLennan fought alongside their allies, Clan MacKenzie at the Battle of Auldearn, annoyingly for them, they were defeated. Leading the Clan during the battle was the Chief; Ruaridh. Ruaridh stood well over six feet tll - a giant for those days - and sported a great big red beard.


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Where do Clan MacLennan come from?

The North-West of Scotland

Did you know?

Clan MacLennan's Plant Badge is Furze

Dum Spiro Spero

Clan Motto

Dum Spiro Spero
While I Breathe, I Hope

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