About Clan Murray

What colour is Clan Murray's tartan? Clan Murray of Atholl modern taran is green based with blue and red stripes.

Who can wear Clan Murray's tartan? Balneaves, Dinsmore, Dunbar, Dunsmore, Fleming, Moray, Murrie, Neaves, Piper, Pyper, Smail, Smale, Small, Smeal and Spalding.

Did you know? The Royal Society was in part founded by a member of Clan Murray. The Royal Society is the oldest Scientific Society still in existence and aims to promote excellence in Science. Robert Moray, the clan member who helped to found the Society is someone about whom I could write for hours. He was a soldier, statesman, diplomat, judge, spy and natural philosopher. He counted Cardinal Richlieu, Charles I and II, Samuel Pepys and Christopher Wren among his friends. He is buried in Westminster Abbey. 

Where are Clan Murray's lands?

Moray in the Highlands.

Did you know?

Clan Murray's Plant Badges are Juniper and Butcher's Broom.

Fortune and Fill the Fetters

Clan Motto

Fortune and Fill the Fetters
More or Less meaning Fight your enemies, be lucky and nick something valuable.

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