Caledonia Tartan

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The Caledonia Ancient tartan is predominantly red, green, yellow and white. The Caledonia tartan is considered a "general" tartan suitable for use by Scots who have no clan connection.

Products available in the Caledonia tartan range from various weights of wool tartan fabric, tartan cushions, rugs and throws. In our tartan clothing and accessories range we make everything from Mens Tartan Suits, Trousers and Waistcoats to Womens Mini Kilts, Skirts and Jackets, along with tartan scarves, ties and even Tartan Shoes and Boots. A full product list can be found below. We make many made to order items so if you can’t find what you are looking for please ask!

Products Available in the Caledonia Tartan

You can find the products we can make for you below in Caledonia tartan.

Baby in Caledonia Tartan

Boys in Caledonia Tartan

Fabrics in Caledonia Tartan

Gifts for babies and children in Caledonia Tartan

Gifts for him in Caledonia Tartan

Girls in Caledonia Tartan

Golf Trousers & Caps in Caledonia Tartan

Tartan Fabric Swatches in Caledonia Tartan

Tartan Fabrics in Caledonia Tartan

Tartan Trousers in Caledonia Tartan

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