Stewart Hunting Ancient Tartan

Meet the Stewarts one of Scotlands largest Clans

The Stewart Hunting Ancient tartan is a predominantly green and light blue tartan with black, yellow and red. The 16th-century Scottish historian, Boece, gave the Stewart kings a mythical ancestor of the ancient house of Kenneth Mac Alpin called Banquo, whom Shakespeare was careful to include in Mac Beth for the satisfaction of the first Stewart king to occupy the English throne, James VI. Today those who attach a sentimental importance to a Celtic origin for the Stewarts have the equal satisfaction of knowing that they came from just beyond the borders of Normandy, and descended from a Breton named Flaald. Their town of Dol, with its beautiful Norman Cathedral, still commemorates the illustrious and ill-fated dynasty to which it gave birth. The ancestors of the Stewarts acquired estates in England after the Conquest and moved to Scotland with David I. Here they received the hereditary court appointment of High Steward, and Walter the 6th High Steward married the daughter of King Robert Bruce.

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