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Scottish Wedding Fever in St Andrews

This weekend Emma will head off to the gorgeous Hotel du Vin in St Andrews to speak to brides and grooms to-be about all things tartan. This boutique hotel offers the perfect backdrop to your Big Day and the option to enjoy the whole day in one place, from ceremony through to celebration. Choosing a […]

Unleash Your Inner Tartan – Clan Johnstone

Clan Johnstone Clan Johnstone, like ScotlandShop, can trace its roots to the Scottish Borders. Unlike, the Johnstones are from Annandale while we are from Berwickshire. Like most clans from the Borders, Clan Johnstone were Reivers. We have spoken about the Reivers before and while the majority robbed from whoever they could, the Johnstones only stole […]

Clan Brown: Unleash Your Inner Tartan

Clan Brown and Brunonian Medicine Scotland has a notable history in the medical sciences, from James Young Simpson – the discoverer of chloroform anaesthesia – to Arthur Conan Doyle who worked as a Doctor before finding fame as a writer. Scotland’s place in the pantheon of medical history is assured. Yet none of Scotland’s medics […]

The ScotlandShop Queensferry Street Story Part 1

So why did we choose Queensferry Street for our shop? We answer a few of your questions in today’s blog! Why Edinburgh? First of all I love Edinburgh and when you are the boss you normally get your own way. Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness and all the other cities in between all have lots of […]

Unleash your inner tartan: Clan Borthwick

Moors the Pity Clan Borthwick can boast a long history in the British Isles, the family is rumoured to have come to these shores with the Romans, so yeah, pretty old. Those of you who are familiar with some of the Clan’s symbols may know that the Clan’s motto is Qui Conducit – He Who […]

Tartan Beermats – Let the Search Commence

If you are in Edinburgh in August and enjoying a pint of Edinburgh’s finest ale or an Irn Bru then you may well find your glass placed upon a tartan beermat. As part of the launch of our new shop (doors open August 1st!) we have printed up 20,000 beermats in 4 different tartans and […]

Unleash your inner tartan: Clan Agnew

Origins of the Agnew’s Unsurprisingly for a Scottish Clan (sarcasm of course) there is some dispute over the origins of the name Agnew. Some sources believe the name to of Norman origin, coming from the French name Agneaux. The Agneaux family first came to England then Ireland before settling in Scotland. The other origin of the […]

Tartan, eh? 150 years of Canada!

Today marks the 150th anniversary of Canada, or more accurately the 150th anniversary of British and French Canada bonding together to form a confederation. So as Canadians worldwide get ready to celebrate, we celebrate Canadian tartans! Scottish Canadians make up around 15% of the country’s total population so it’s fair to say that Scotland has had […]

Questions Answered – The Sporran Guide

So which sporran should we worn for which occasion? This question is frequently asked of us and we decided to write you a brief guide to explain all. Why “Sporran”? Sporran is in fact the Gaelic word for a purse and it’s use was and still is 100% practical. In the absence of pockets in […]