January has been an exciting month, as well as an international search for the Lowland Haggis, we also invited you all to keep your eye out for the elusive ScotlandShop Haggis Cosy!
ScotlandShop's Haggis Cosy at Saunderson's Butcher

The first one was spotted in Saunderson’s Family Butcher in Tollcross Edinburgh. Saunderson’s was founded in 1958 and has been serving high quality produce in their award winning shop for over 60 years and over 4 generations! Almost everything in this store is Scottish from Gartmore Chicken right down to the oil’s, sauces and honey. John even gets most of his meat from right here in the Scottish Borders and their haggis is hard to beat.

John Saunderson Butcher

Designed and made in Burns Check tartan by the team at ScotlandShop, the Haggis Cosy is perfect for keeping your Haggis warm and snug on the Burns Supper table. But you’ll not spot this rarity on the ScotlandShop website, you better be quick with lots of Burns night celebrations this weekend pop down to Saunderson’s for your haggis, which is prepared on site, and have a wee look out for ScotlandShop’s tartan Haggis Cosy.

Haggis Cosy

The haggis Cosy is one of our crafty inventions using tartan fabric. Do you have another fun idea using tartan fabric? We’d really like to hear what creative and crazy crafty ideas you have.

Have you spotted another Haggis Cosy? Please send us photographs, we’d love to know where our Haggis Cosy’s have been hiding!

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John Saunderson caught a Haggis Cosy
ScotlandShop Haggis Cosy spotted in John Sauderson's Family Butcher in Tollcross Edinburgh. Designed and made by the ScotlandShop team, the Haggis Cosy keeps you haggis warm and snug on the Burns Supper table.
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