You may remember that last year we created a series of blog posts about tartan napkin folding. We’ve been perfecting our napkin folding skills over the summer months and have some new techniques to share with you. Let’s start with the Great Gordon Christmas Tree, which is sure to set off your Christmas day table to perfection.

The Great Gordon Christmas Tree Napkin

Step 1 –
Fold the napkin in half  length ways and in half again to create a square. It doesn’t have to be tartan but we of course think it looks so much better in tartan as it shows off the folds and layer beautifully

Step 2 – From the open end of the fold, peel each corner down folding one top of each other with 1-1.5 inches between each point

Step 3 – Turn the napkin over using one hand to keep your folds in place

Great_Gordon_Tartan_Tree_NapkinStep 4 – Keeping the blunt end of your napkin towards you fold across the left and right corners one on top of the other ensuring the top edges are parallel with the base

Step 5 – Fold the point that is left over at the top underneath the layer you have just made

Step 6 – Turn the napkin over, holding secure

Step 7 – Now you can tuck under all the points that appear on the front to create the layers of your tree


There you have it, your very own Tartan Christmas Tree! Of course it’s not only the Gordon Dress Modern tartan that looks great when folded in this fashion, the Stewart Dress Modern tartan also looks stunning!

If you need a little more help we’ve created a handy video guide to keep you right and of course if you need to order your tartan napkins then you know where to come.


If you’d like to see our napkin folding skills in person come along to the late night shopping evenings in our Edinburgh store on the 30th November & 14th December. We will have a Christmas napkin folding masterclass and complimentary gift wrapping service up until 8pm.


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One of a series of blogs about tartan napkin folding. In this how-to guide you will learn to create the Great Gordon Christmas Tree Napkin
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