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Tartan Napkins – How to create the MacDonald Clan Fan Napkin

Last week we learned the Great Gordon Christmas Tree napkin fold and this week it is the turn of the mighty MacDonald Clan to take centre stage. Lana guides us through the creation of a very elegant fan shape. The MacDonald Clan Fan Napkin Step 1 –Start by folding the napkin in half length ways […]

Tartan Tablelinen – Top Tips for Measuring your Table

The festive season looms and if you are much more organised than me you will be thinking about who you will have around your table and most importantly what to put on it. We have a few top tips to help you create something very special this year. How do I know what size tablecloth […]

Tartan Napkins – How to create the Triple Pocket Napkin

What are the three key elements you need to remember in order to guarantee a successful Christmas dinner? If you said turkey, roast potatoes and Christmas pudding (or booze), I like the way your mind works, but you are – I’m afraid to say – mistaken. The three key elements of success are details, details […]

Tartan Napkins – How to create the Dumfriesshire Diamond Napkin

Napkins are important, if we agree on this one fact from the outset, we will be fine. Seeing as these handy little fabric (sometimes paper) squares are of such vital importance, it seems fitting to dedicate a few blogs to these often over-looked but ever useful alimentary accessories. The Dumfriesshire Diamond Napkin What is the […]

Tartan Napkins – How to create the Stewart Royal Rosebud

Welcome back to our blog series dealing with the highs and lows of decorative napkin folding. I know, as a child you dreamt of perfect Christmases, wonderful presents, snow covered hills and a sumptuous feast on a table regally adorned. Although we can’t help you with the gifts (unless they are tartan or cashmere), weather, […]

Tartan Napkins – How to create the Caledonian Crown

Are you tired of boring table settings? Do you have a taste for tartan? Do you like to incorporate french heraldic symbols? If you answered yes to any or all of the preceding questions, you are in the right place so relax, you are among friends. The Caledonian Crown Napkin I have chosen to call […]

Tartan Wedding Inspiration – Table Decoration

“Be brave with your colour combinations” Lindsey Hunter of wedding planners Get Knotted advises. On Trend – Primary colours Despite the simplicity of primary colours it is hard to find a more eye-catching combination and this is an easy way to brighten up your wedding day. Primary colours contrast and enhance the simple black and […]

Creating fabulous festive tables – Tartan Napkins

Sequins and tartan Whoever would have thought that glittering sequins would co-ordinate well with the tradition and heritage of tartan? In fact the contrast is what makes the effect so spectacular and personally as soon as I saw this combination I wanted my very own sequin tablecloth to bring out for special events. On this […]