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Newsflash – we’ve got keys!

We are very excited to announce that we have just picked up the keys for our very first shop. After 14 years of internet only retailing and many requests from customers to come and visit we thought it was time to branch out and welcome you to a bricks and mortar store. From August you […]

Clan Kerr: Unleash Your Inner Tartan

Clan Kerr – A Sinister Bunch Clan Kerr is a Scottish Clan which comes from the Scottish Borders. The family originally came to Scotland, like so many other Scottish Clans, from Normandy in France before settling in the Jedburgh area of the Borders. The Clan has been prominent in the history of the Borders with […]

Borders Wedding Venues – Dryburgh Abbey Hotel

Borders Wedding Venues With rolling green hills, hundreds of stately homes and the mighty River Tweed, the Scottish Borders are an ideal wedding location. You might call me biased, seeing as I’m a local in these parts, but I can’t think of anywhere better to tie the knot. Of course, opinions are like… well, one […]

Meet our Makers- Tartan on the Wireless!

How cool does that look? Imagine dancing round the kitchen to your very own favourite or clan tartan radio!   Tony and his Tartan Tony Holley started covering radios after he purchased his own Roberts Radio and was unhappy with the covering quality on the new revival models. He sourced some off cuts of fabric […]

Unleash your inner tartan: Clan Sinclair

If you are into your history and particularly your Scottish history you will find all the clan stories really interesting anyway, but if you are a little more reticent about delving into the past then I think the Clan Sinclair is going to change this forever. They are a very interesting bunch! French origins? St […]

Cast your vote: What is Scotland’s Best Golf Course?

Golf in Scotland Scotland has a long tradition of golfing excellence. The game of golf that we know and love today can trace its roots back to groups such as the Royal and Ancient Golf Club and the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers. Similarly, Scottish¬†players such as Sandy Lyle and Colin Montgomery, Scottish players have […]

Scottish Clan Quiz – How Davidson are you?

Clan Davidson Fancy a challenge? Of course you do! Why not show of your Clan Davidson knowledge in our short quiz to put you to the test. Will you be the next Clan Chieftain or will you be chased out of the Clan in disgrace? Clan Davidson Quiz How did you get on? Are you […]

Meet our Makers – Tartan Picture Gallery by Alison McLeod

There are lots of fantastic makers out there doing some wonderful things with tartan and over the years ScotlandShop has built up a little tartan crafting community who rely on us to fulfill their tartan crafting needs. As a salute to our crafters and to inspire you all we would like to take you on […]

Meet the Clan Davidson Dance School

Meet the Clan Davidson Dance School, leading the way in bringing traditional highland dancing to Northern Ireland. The Origins The Clan Davidson Dance School was started in 2005 by Laura Davidson based in Newtownards, South Belfast. Drawing from her roots Laura wanted to call the school Clan Davidson as her maiden name was Davidson and […]

Golf – Scotland’s Best Courses

Golf in Scotland Scotland is a small nation. With a population of about 6 million people (0.0008% of the world’s population) it is always surprising how much of an influence it has had and continues to have on the world. One of the areas where our ¬†nation’s influence can be most strongly felt is in […]