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Golf – Scotland’s Best Courses

Golf in Scotland Scotland is a small nation. With a population of about 6 million people (0.0008% of the world’s population) it is always surprising how much of an influence it has had and continues to have on the world. One of the areas where our  nation’s influence can be most strongly felt is in […]

Bopping in Bonn – Scottish Country Dancing takes centre stage

This weekend the beautiful town of Bonn in Germany will be overwhelmed with youth crazy about Scottish Country Dancing. The birthplace of Beethoven sits peacefully on the banks of the Rhine and the water is absolutely delicious due to the fact that it is piped directly from the Eifel mountains 50 miles away. The dancers […]

Unleash Your Tartan – Clan Davidson

Clan Davidson In my time writing up these clan blogs, the Chattan Confederation has come up time and again. Being a shiftless millennial, I didn’t bother to find out anything about this group, deeming it too much work. When I started researching Clan Davidson, I was dismayed to learn that they are a part of […]

Throw down your tartan blanket – 5 Scottish Favourites

After a week of stunning weather up here in bonnie Scotland we are truly in the picnic mood. Shake out that moth eaten old tartan rug (or choose yourself a very lovely new one) and prepare yourself for the 5 Scottish favourites. The best Scottish picnic destination by car We are a little biased as […]

Tartan Trends: Top Tips for a Pleasing Pleat

Now be honest, for some of us the pleat strikes horror in our hearts. We have visions of tartan pleats making our rear ends look the back end of a bus. But don’t you worry plaid pleats can be pleasing if we choose the right style for our body shape. As part of ScotlandShop’s season […]

Scottish Clan Quiz – How Campbell are you?

Clan Campbell We are all proud of our heritage, aren’t we? Of course we are! It is a lot of fun to learn about our ancestors, how they lived and what they experienced. In this spirit, I thought it would be fun to create a short quiz to put your Clan Campbell knowledge to the […]

Taylor: Unleash your Inner Tartan

Taylor The title of these blogs is Unleash Your Inner Tartan, it being our belief that your tartan is a thread that links you to the past, a piece of your heritage that unites you with a wide and diverse group of people from around the world. Indeed, it has been the mission of these […]

Tartan Day 2017 – Scots around the World Celebrate in Style

Tartan Day I don’t know about you but my event’s calendar for the first few months of the year has been pretty choc-a-block. So far this year I’ve had to deal with Burns’ Night, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year and even the anniversary of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s death.  So, with March coming up I was […]

Clan Stewart: What Appin’d?

Clan Stewart Clan Stewart has its roots in the aftermath of the Norman Conquest. Originally coming from France, the family acquired lands in England and eventually in East Lothian and Renfrewshire where King David I of Scotland made them stewards – it is from this title that the family gets its name. The House of […]