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Haggis Hunt: A Lesson Learned

Haggis Hunt Let’s be honest for a moment here, the two boys in our videos haven’t been the most successful hunters, in fact, they have been fairly inept thus far. I don’t wish to be mean about two young lads but, as the films are rather old, I’m sure they are well into their fifties […]

Haggis Hunt: Hazards of Haggis Hunting

Haggis Hunt Boy am I glad that I included our lawyer’s warning at the end of that last post! Without it I would feel a little uncomfortable about posting the latest video in the series. In the last two videos we have seen how to identify the Lowland Haggis’ habitat as well as how to […]

Haggis Hunt: Call of the Haggis

Haggis Hunt What a lucky find that was, eh? That last video was amazing, wasn’t it? Not only did it confirm the existence of the Lowland Haggis, it gave us all some pointers on how to locate them. So, next time you visit the Lammermuir hills – and you definitely should, they are absolutely stunning […]

Burns Night Style Guide – One for the Ladies

Christmas is over and we have fully recovered from the festivities of Hogmanay but the partying doesn’t stop there! It’s time to think about Burns night on the 25th January. Haggis at the ready but not sure what to wear? Here’s a handy style guide to give you some ideas and inspiration to tartan-up the […]

Haggis Hunt: Identifying the Lowland Haggis’ Habitat

Haggis Hunt We mentioned last week that our long suffering Auryn had stumbled across some old video tapes in the ScotlandShop attic, seemingly episodes of an old documentary series detailing haggis hunting in the Lammermuir Hills. Well, it is my great pleasure to announce that the first video has been restored and returned to us […]

3 Ways to Tie a Scarf – The Waterfall Knot

Our final Scarf Knot is the waterfall knot. This knot is simple and looks fantastic on bigger scarves. We have chosen my favourite scarf to show off how to tie this knot, the Brushed Wool Oversize Scarf in Stewart Camel Weathered.   Step 1: Choose your scarf – the bigger the better Wind the scarf around your […]

Are Lowland Haggis Real? Find Out Here

Breaking News Haggis Video Discovered at ScotlandShop HQ There is some big news at The other day, while clearing out the attic, our much loved colleague Auryn stumbled across some video tapes. Don’t get too excited now, they aren’t anything salacious but they certainly are curious. The videos seem to be in the form […]

Five of the Best – Hogmanay Parties

So what is Hogmanay? Hogmanay is our very own word for our Scottish New Year celebrations, a very important date in the Scottish calendar, so important in fact that both the 1st and 2nd January are Scottish public holidays to allow us plenty time to recover. We have a few traditions during these celebrations, firstly […]

The Rabbie Burns Series – Whisky

Gie him strong drink until he wink Those are the opening lines of the poem Scotch Drink by Robbie Burns, a poem in praise of the water of life, whiskey. Those of you who have ever been to a Burns’ supper, visited Scotland or, to cast the net wider still, met a Scotsman, will know […]

The Rabbie Burns Series – Who was Robert Burns?

A Man’s a Man and All That Now that Christmas and Hogmanay are behind us, and acquaintances forgotten, it is time for the first real test of those resolutions you so hastily came up with in order to impress your workmates. That’s right, forget diets and temperance for an evening and tak a cup o […]