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Estimates of the number of Americans claiming a Scottish ancestry vary between nine and 20 million. And if we include the US citizens who have Scottish ancestry but don't know it then 20 million is probably the more realistic figure. 34 American states have their own tartan, along with 630 other tartans for American companies, cities, military organisations, fire departments, schools & universities, Highland games, sports teams, private individuals, police forces and a diverse range of other organisations including famous names such as the FBI, the California Highway Patrol, Encyclopaedia Brittanica, American Express, 7th Cavalry, Westpoint Military Academy and even the US Marines. (Source: Scottish Tartans Authority). We do not stock them all and many are restricted but we work with all the Scottish mills so if you can't see the one you want on the list please contact us as we may be able to source it for you.

We like our historical facts and as we stock the Leathernecks US Marine Corps tartan we checked out the story behind the "leathernecks". According to the Marine Corps Association & Foundation since the days of the Barbary pirates, United States Marines have called themselves "leathernecks." Legend and lore have it that the term leatherneck was derived from leather neckbands worn in the late 1700s to protect Marines from the slash of the cutlass. Another more likely reason is that the high stocks were worn for discipline to keep the Marines' heads high and straight. Neither explanation has ever been verified. Whatever the reason, the name leatherneck stuck and the distinctive dress blue uniform blouse still bears a high stock collar to remind Marines of the leatherneck legacy.