Dundee Tartán

About the Dundee Tartan

Bienvenidos el Dundee Old página de tartán Escocesa. Rojo, verde, blanco y negro son los colores principales en este tartán Escocesa.

Dundee sits within the historic county of Angus on the east coast of Scotland. The name breaks down into 2 parts - Dun meaning fort and it is thought that the second part of the name comes from the Celtic word "dè" meaning fire. Named Scotland's City of Discovery, Dundee is famous for it's scientific activities. RRS Discovery, Robert Falcon Scott's Antarctic exploration ship was built in the harbour and after her adventures around the world rescued by the Maritime Trust in 1979 and returned to her berth in Dundee in 1986 . Discovery's first mission carried Scott and Shackleton on their first visit to the Antarctic in 1901. Dundee is also very famous for marmalade. More on this on our blog.