Tartan rollerboy spikes If you haven't yet seen the fabulous Tartan Rollerboy's from Christian Louboutin then here they are. We found the men's version first and today we spotted the truly fabulous women's shoes. Not sure our cobbler can quite recreate those spikes but they have provoked a huge discussion about creating a pair of tartan loafers so watch this space as we work this one out for you. All feedback and suggestions on the styles you love are very welcome!Girls tartan rollerboys In case you are wondering what tartan Louboutin has been inspired by this is the Stewart Black tartan. So many of the top designers are using tartan in their collections this year and it is great to see traditional Scottish tartans taking on a very modern new look. Nike have also brought out a very cool pair of tartan trainers which you can see on our Facebook page. It would seem there is no escape from your Scottish heritage this year!