[caption id="attachment_62" align="aligncenter" width="248"]Tartan Heart Give a Scottish Heart for Christmas[/caption] Well yes we have been a little absent on the blog front for the last month or so. All due to the immense amount of hard work going on behind the scenes to bring you the brand new website that is ScotlandShop.com. Why did we move from the .net to the .com domain? We are now a truly international brand (which we certainly were not when we started out all those years ago!) and .com reflects this. Our US, French, German, Italian and Spanish websites now all sit with the UK site on the .com domain so everything is nice and tidy and easy for everyone to access whatever you language you speak or country you are in. We also think its easier for you to remember! We hope you like the new look and of course welcome all your feedback to continue our improvement programme! Christmas fever has certainly begun and we have added important updates such as final posting dates for christmas to the Delivery section on the website. We have some exciting new products for Christmas and the offices are looking festive with Tartan Christmas Stockings and hand stitched Tartan Hearts hanging everywhere. We will embroider your child's (or adult's!) name on the stocking to make it extra special. Oh we do love christmas! But no Ali (our Stock Manager) you cannot play any Christmas music in the office before 1st December!