On Sunday 5th August, Bridge of Allan will be hosting their 167th Highland Games. Commencing at 10:00am, a multitude of cultural and traditional sporting events will be taking place throughout the day including highland dancing, piping, and heavyweight competitions to name just a few.

The games, also known as the Strathallan Meeting, are held annually on the first Sunday of the month in August and were founded in 1852 by Major Alexander Henderson, the Laird of Westerton. Located just north of Stirling, the games are nestled in between two famous Scottish landmarks, Stirling Castle, one of the largest castles in Scotland, and the National Wallace Monument commemorating Sir William Wallace.

The heavyweight competitive events consist of Tossing the Caber - throwing a large tapered wooden pole with the objective of landing it on the heavy end so that the lighter end turns over, and landing directly in line away from the thrower. Cabers are traditionally around 10 stone (150lbs) in weight and up to 5 metres (17 feet) in length. They are left in the nearby burn before the event, allowing them to soak up the water increasing their weight.

Another contest is Throwing the Hammer. The "hammer" is a metal ball weighing around 1½ stone (22lbs) and attached by steel wire to a handle. The thrower grips ahold of the handle and swings it three times above his head before releasing it behind him, aiming to throw it as far as possible.

The Shot Put consists of throwing a large of stone, weighing around 1½ stone (22lbs), as far as the competitor can and the furthest throw wins.

- Highland Dancing

- Pipe Band Competition

The local attractions offer plenty to do and see.

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