Christmas is over and we have fully recovered from the festivities of Hogmanay but the partying doesn't stop there! It's time to think about Burns night on the 25th January. Haggis at the ready but not sure what to wear? Here's a handy style guide to give you some ideas and inspiration to tartan-up the big day.




When we all think of Scottish clothing the first thing you think of is the Men's Kilt. For women it's not so simple. Traditionally a woman did not wear a kilt, they did however wear something similar called a 'Earsaid'. Pleated like a man's kilt the Earsaid reached to the ground, was worn over the shoulders and was fixed at the front with a pin.

Sash and Kilted Skirt

Left: Isle of Skye Tartan. Right: MacDonald Dress Modern

If you are looking for a slightly more modern and practical take on the traditional Earasaid then there is always the option of a long Kilted Skirt and a sash, both of which you can be made in over 500 tartans. Kilted skirts can also be made to your custom measurements and specified lengths, whether you want full length, A- line or even mini! These are great to dress up with a blouse or for a slightly more casual look, wear them with a sweater. For tips on tying a Sash visit our previous blog How to Wear a Tartan Sash. Contemporary Tartan Fashion


Don't feel restricted to the traditional. Tartan can now been seen worn by lots of celebrities and has made frequent appearances on the cat walk. Thanks to the internet our beautiful Scottish fabrics are now available worldwide and can be made into absolutely anything you could want to wear from miniskirts to handbags, high heeled shoes to ladies trews!

Henderson tartan ClothingTop left: V-Neck Tailored Top. Bottom Left: Tartan Kilted Skirt. Left Centre: Fitted Tartan Dress. Centre Right Top: Tartan Mini Skirt. Centre Right Centre: Tartan Mini Kilt. Centre Right Bottom: Tartan Pumps. Right Top: Women’s Tartan Waistcoat with satin Lapels. Right Bottom: Tartan Trousers. All in Henderson Ancient or Modern but available in over 500 different tartans.

Touches of Tartan

Maybe you don’t want to wear a full tartan outfit but you still want something to show your clan tartan. Don’t forget the tartan accessories! Add a touch of tartan to any outfit, dressing up or casually with some key items. Tartan Accessories

Top Left: Petal Brooch. Right Centre: Amelia Hat. Right Bottom: Tartan Infinity Scarf. Centre Top: Brushed Wool Tartan Tam. Centre Bottom: Wool Sash. Top Right: Muckle Fantoosh. Bottom Right: Chelsea Boots. All in Henderson Ancient or Modern but available in over 500 different tartans.

The Ceilidh

If you are attending a ceilidh or dance for your burns night celebrations and you are looking for something more formal there are lots of ways to look glamorous in your clan tartan. You can team your gown and dresses with a tartan stole or sash and match these with a bag and shoes. Remember to wear something comfortable, participation in the dancing is a must! formal henderson clothing Left Side Top to Bottom: Wool Tartan Sash, Oversize Celtic Knot Brooch, Peerie Poak. Tartan Platform Court Shoes. Right Top to Bottom:Wool and Velvet Stole, Wool and Velvet Evening Bag, Tartan Platform Peep Toe Shoes. All in Henderson Ancient or Modern but available in over 500 different tartans.
Now go forth in your tartan and enjoy your Burns night celebrations! We would absolutely love to see what you decide to wear and photographs for your night. We're always looking for style inspiration and love hearing from you tartan fashionistas out there so drop us an email or visit our site and join our tartan style club.