Central to the Clan Cameron crest are five arrows, "united" with one another with a gules ribbon or band. This crest goes back to before 1745, when it supplemented the old "dexter arm" crest (which was still used interchangeably with the Five Arrows into the mid-twentieth century. These two crests, and their mottos on the surrounding strap, may be used by clansmen to denote their clan affiliation.

The "Five Arrows" represent the five branches of the clan under the leadership of the Camerons of Lochiel during the early/mid-eighteenth century, namely:

1) MacMartins or Camerons of Letterfinlay
2) Camerons of Glen Nevis
3) Camerons of Callart and Lundavra
4) Camerons of Erracht
5) Camerons of Clunes

A more detailed explanation as to the origin of the "Five Arrows," written by a past Chief of Clan Cameron, may be found by "clicking" on the crest image on the main page of Clan Cameron Online or by visiting the "Five Arrows" page.

The present motto of the Clan Cameron is "Aonaibh Ri Chéile," which roughly translated means "Unite" or "Let Us Unite." This motto is usually used in conjunction with the more accepted "Five Arrows" crest and is also presently used on the Armorial Bearings of Cameron of Lochiel.

In the past, when the old Dexter Arm crest was in wide use, the associated motto was "Pro Rege et Patria," translated as meaning "For King and Country." The present Lochiel uses both mottos.