Blue Hydrangea is being hailed as the most essential pastel of the summer season and everyone loves a bit of blue so this is a nice easy trend for you to adopt.
Fashion pastels for 2016 include Wisteria purple, Lemon chiffon and Sea Glass green with neutrals including Buff, Ecru and Bone so there is plenty of choice and blending is simple. We love these soft tones and although tartan can be regarded as a bold pattern we can help you pick out these gentle hues from the range. Blue HydrangeaAnd why exactly is that cabbage blue? This was my first thought along with wondering how I could incorporate those gorgeous little roses onto an existing jacket that is rather boring. Read our previous blog post for a sneaky trick to make ribbon roses very quickly and easily. Back to the cabbage - it was originally a red cabbage but when you sauté it all the acids evaporate off and it goes blue. If you don't think blue cabbage is very appetising then just add lemon juice or vinegar and you will be back to traditional red.

Your thoughts?

Now that we have started on nutrition we maybe need to discuss whether we like the Bruichladdich Laddie Classic Edition Whisky bottle below? I feel torn. I love the colour of whisky and feel a little nervous of something in such a non-food coloured bottle, yet I can imagine it is a retail dream standing out on the shelves from the traditional whiskies around it. Your thoughts please particularly if you have actually tasted it! June Blue Hydrangea tartanNow that we have covered off nutrition we can turn back to the important world of colour and fashion. Periwinkle is also featuring on the "on trend for summer 2016" list so if the pastel blues aren't for you this brighter version of Electric Blue will keep you on the right side of fashion. Can I mention those electric blue brogues I had in the first year of high school? Couldn't believe my mum let me have them and I am sure this is why I have a love of that vibrant shade of blue. When they brought out the Ryder Cup tartan (pictured above in the cap) we were very impressed by the four gorgeous shades of blue chosen. The blues were inspired by the landscape of Scotland, white to hint at elements of the Saltire, and blue and gold to reflect the core colours of the European flag. Now let's not get started on Brexit on a Monday morning.... My favourite fact I have learned today is that Hyrdrangeas with pom-pom shaped flowers are known as "Mopheads" and those with flat-headed flowers are called "Lacecaps". I am definitely for pom-poms please...always wanted to be a cheerleader but never mastered the splits!
What are your favourite colours for summer? Is blue your hue and are you a lover of pastels or brights? Let us know and we can share our favourite tartans featuring those colours with you.