We all love a bit of glitz and glamour and metallics are to the fore this season. Fashion designer Miuccia Prada went completely overboard at their Paris Fashion Show and created a "timeless ruin" in the hall of the Art Deco Palais D'Iena using reflective materials to add extra drama to the models parading between the columns. Moschino below show the extreme version of the metallic trend but Alice Fisher from The Guardian tells us:
Don’t be afraid to sparkle. Despite what you might think, metallics have proved to be one of the season’s great looks.

Personally I have fallen a little in love with metallics, which I did not really expect but I have discovered that metallic thread running through a simple sweater makes it just a little bit special and perfect to wear on Christmas day. Well that was my excuse for my most recent purchase anyway! So although I am not going for the full robot look yet I do recommend a little experimenting albeit in a subtle way. We are not yet weaving a silver thread through our tartans but we have below highlighted a few of our personal favourites using silver tones.

Colour me tartan - silver NovemberThe other use of metallics currently under development is more functional and this is to make textiles and garments interactive and touch-sensitive. Google is behind Project Jacquard which is in their words:
an effort to invisibly incorporate computers into objects, materials, and clothing. Everyday items such as sweaters, jackets, and furniture will be turned into interactive surfaces that can be used as trackpads, buttons and more. The objects will receive information directly from the surface of the material used to build them, eliminating the need for bulky plastic or metal parts. The objects will then transmit information to a nearby smartphone or computer using low-powered Wi-Fi.
It sounds a little sci-fi but it is happening. To do this conductive yarn has to be woven into the textiles and this yarn combines synthetics such as cotton, polyester or silk with ultra-thin metallic alloys so it is strong enough to be used in everyday clothing and interiors products. Levi's are the first major brand to join the project and the first jacket which can be used as a touchpad, no screen required, has already been produced. Google wants this technology to become available to everyone, not just an expensive gimmick, and the textile can be any size, colour or thickness. While you can't quite control your smartphone with the sleeve of your jacket yet the technology is coming. metallic yarnSo have you filled your wardrobe with metallic this year? Or just chosen one special piece to make an outfit? Share your ideas and how you dream of technology making your life easier. Until it can hang out the washing the jury is out on that for me. We will keep on weaving tartan in the traditional way meantime!