Who says red is just for Christmas? We explore this sizzling hot colour perfect for summer.
Red tartan JulyRed is a colour that radiates energy and sexiness. Similar to black it works for all body shapes and ages provided you choose the right style and shade for you. If you aren't ready to go all out on a red outfit then a simple splash of red nail polish or lipstick is a great way to experiment with this fabulous colour. We are told not to wear it to interviews as it is too aggressive and this is backed up by the Spanish bullfighters daring but of course maybe it all depends what kind of interview you are attending?

Red and What?

Before you ditch your little black dress for a little red dress there are some other ways to wear red. Stewart Royal is the most famous red tartan but with a little exploration on our Tartan Finder you soon discover that there are so many different shades and colour combinations that you cannot fail but find a favourite. My summer champion is the Arduaine Red shown above with lots of fresh white and a real cherry red. The black stripe through it gives lots of options for tops and accessories, although in my mind any excuse to wear a pair of red pumps should really be taken up immediately. We had to include Fred Perry on this months colour board to hark back to our Wimbledon success at the beginning of the month and of course the famous red of the London Bus. Did you know that before 1907 the buses in London were all different colours depending which route and which company ran them, then the London General Omnibus Company decided to paint their whole fleet red to stand out from the competition? When London Transport formed in 1933 they adopted the convention and these days they are an internationally recognised symbol of our UK capital.

Red jumpsuitStatement Red

Less of the history lesson and back to how to wear. Red should really be worn as either a statement piece - one bold block of colour combined with neutrals to anchor it down. You can combine different shades or red but avoid orange and yellow hues or you will have a fight on your hands.

Funky Footwear

Red shoes have had a resurgence in recent years and the colourful array of trainers now available proves the popularity of going bold with your feet. A pair of jeans become dressy when you add a pair of tartan kitten heels, and for the boys a boring pair of navy chinos look pretty dapper when you finish them off with Leather and Tartan Brogues.Red tartan shoes

Accessorise Bravely

Splashes of colour transform an outfit. A red clutch bag with a plain navy suit, a long red floaty scarf with a totally white outfit, a red belt or necklace. Have fun with your accessories and experiment with red and very soon you will be brave enough to wear that red jumpsuit.
Explore our red tartans here and let us know if you need some help choosing your perfect shade.