The colour me tartan blog is supposed to be a monthly feature but due to all the updates to the website things have slipped a little. So April Spring Greens have become May nearly Summer Greens. Of course the weather has been so awful here in Scotland and today is probably the first slightly warm day so we have another excuse for delaying our Spring colours. How can we launch the gorgeous new tartan culottes when you still need to wear your woolly tights? Watch this space, they are on the design table and look so fabulous I might just have to treat myself. Colour me tartan Spring GreenGreen is the colour of growth and the colour of renewal and rebirth which is exactly why we have chosen it as our Spring colour me tartan. We just love it because there are so many shades of green and so many tartans containing greens you can't help but find one you love. Green is also regarded as an emotionally positive colour but when it comes to clothing it is not a colour we often see on the red carpet. Take the leap though and worn right it can look really stunning as these lovely ladies demonstrate. Green Dresses When you are thinking of interiors green has positive psychological properties such as peace, balance and harmony which can make a home feel safe and relaxing. The more yellow in the green the more refreshing it is. Emerald green is a warm yellow-based green with lots of depth which gives it that elegant and refined quality. Pantone Emerald Green We can't sign off without mentioning my very favourite green tartan. The Cranston Modern is a bright, bold green perfect for a jacket to make an entrance in or a striking accessory. Cranston tartan jacket
Do you love or hate green? What is your favourite piece of clothing or accessory in green?