We have been working away for months and months on a very exciting project and finally we can share it with you. #drapeyourtartan allows you to choose your tartan and view it on your tailored garment before you buy. It is so hard to picture what a little swatch of tartan is going to look like as a final jacket or skirt and we are very excited that you can now see a picture before you buy. The image is computer generated and not absolutely perfect in that it doesn't match up the checks nearly as well as our tailors do but otherwise we think it is quite brilliant. Let us know what you think!
We have had a lovely time playing around with different tartans and clothing and you can of course share these via social media or email so your friends and family can see your creations too.
So how does it work? Just go to your favourite product as normal, click Choose Custom Tartan and as soon as you select a tartan you will see an image of your garment in that tartan. You can click about and view as many tartans as you fancy until you find your perfect drape. drapeyourtartanIt can be a little scary ordering something worth a few hundred pounds and not really knowing exactly what it will look like, yet part of the joy of our garments and accessories is that they are made just for you and so unique. We see so many fabulous creations as they are being made up that we sometimes forget how hard it can be to choose your tartan. #drapeyourtartan will hopefully help the whole process feel a little less scary and help you choose. Mens Tartan Boots