Gwen Stefani Tartan Cap Gwen Stefani Lamont CapYou don't get much more glamorous than Gwen Stefani and she can certainly pull off her tartan cap with style. Pictured left in a Lamont Modern Cap which she wore to the Love Rocks Benefit she also makes a pair of jeans and a leather jacket look special topping them off with another tartan cap in the main picture. MacLaren Modern tartan we think! British born hat designer Jacqueline Lamont was behind Gwen's Lamont Cap and says "My goal is to bring hats out of the time warp - to make a hat the essential accessory for the well-dressed woman." We agree! Along with tartan caps in various styles we also make the sophisticated Amelia Hat and when autumn/winter approaches watch out for our Trapper Hats. Fabulous! Jacqueline's signature plaid is now the Lamont tartan due to her family tartan but we of course don't like to restrict ourselves to just one tartan and will make you a cap in any tartan, check or tweed. If you can't find yours on our website just ask as we can normally source it for you.