Our How to Tie your Tartan Tie blog post series aims to give you useful hints and tips to show your tartan tie off to it's full potential! This week we discuss The Oriental Knot. Extremely popular in China, the Oriental Knot is one of the easiest to learn to tie.

The Oriental Knot

The Oriental Knot is very simple to tie and has less steps to learn than many other popular tie knots, perfect if you are just starting to explore the world of tie tying. The Oriental Knot is hugely popular across Asia but is relativity unknown in the West so this is your chance to set a new trend. If you are quite tall but want to be able to use a standard length tie, the Oriental Knot will work well as this doesn't use a lot of the tie length when forming the knot. It is a rather small and narrow knot so works well with a classic shirt collar and ties made from a slightly thicker fabric that would create too much bulk when using alternative knots. Anderson-Tartan-Tie If you want to add a little extra style to your outfit you could opt for a collar pin or collar bar, these fit really well underneath the Oriental Knot due to it's small size. The collar pin is quite a rare item nowadays, originally designed to keep collars looking neat when turndown collars were first designed. Menswear Style describe the collar bar as the choice for a true distinguished gentleman. Now who wouldn't want to be a gentleman?
The collar bar lets everyone around you know that you’re serious about appearance and you appreciate good tailoring.

How to tie your Oriental Knot

Oriental-Knot-1 1. Start with your tie facing inside out, then place the wide end of your tie behind the narrow end. You want the majority of the tie length to be hanging down on the wider end as this is what you will use to create the knot. Oriental-Knot-2 2. Bring the wide end of your tie across the front of the narrow end. The wide end of your tie now needs to be brought towards your face, between your collar and your tie. Oriental-Knot-3 3. Now that you have formed a loop bring the wide end of your tie down through the front of this loop. Pull down on the wide end of your tie to tighten the knot and carefully adjust. Harry-Tartan-Tie Now that you know how to tie this simple knot, why not teach the little ones too. Harry proudly shows off his Stewart Royal Tartan Tie. Let us know how you get on!