Now Magazine Tartan Coverage Grab your copy of Now magazine this week to see our Tartan Zara Bag pictured in all it's glory as part of the After Works Drinks outfit ideas page. Alongside a striking red dress and matching shoes the Stewart Dress Weathered tartan looks fabulous. You of course could have tartan shoes to match the bag to make it an even more unique outfit. The page is all about 50s fashion and has some classic shapes that fashion always returns to, topped off with a few carefully chosen accessories to add your own personal touch. You know how we love accessories at ScotlandShop and towards the end of this month you will start to see some of our nouveautés for the Autumn/Winter season appearing. You will want the sun to disappear so you can choose your cashmere gloves from an amazing new range of colours, or be super cool in a pair of our texting gloves. Finger and thumb free for texting while the rest of your hand stays nice and cosy.... you are going to love them!