[gallery link="file"] Today's post is inspired by a query from a French customer looking to make an outfit like the Bay City Rollers. So we have unearthed these fabulous photos and are reminded of the eclectic mix of tartan their outfits incorporated. Founded in the mid 1960's the Bay City Rollers were a Scottish pop band popular worldwide with their big chart hit coming in 1976 with Saturday Night. The band was originally called The Saxons but in their quest for a less Scottish sounding name they allegedly got their new name by throwing a dart at a map of the United States. Supposedly, the dart landed in Arkansas, and not wanting to be known as “The Arkansas Rollers”, the band threw a second dart, and it landed on the town of “Bay City, Michigan". The Bay City Rollers name was usually made up in the Stewart Royal tartan as in the photo above and some of their other favourite tartans included the Stewart Black and Gordon Dress Modern. Their outfits were certainly different and are a huge favourite for fancy dress and 60's and 70's themed nights. If you are making your own Bay City Rollers fancy dress outfit use the cotton tartan fabric or polyviscose tartan fabrics which are cheaper and easy to work with!