Radio Times 17th-30th December Cover The Radio Times is a bit of a cult read at Christmas time and this year the legendary double Christmas issue is themed on the 12 days of Christmas. Brilliant! Some of you may remember 2 years ago Fiona Bruce took the front page of the Radio Times by storm dressed from head to toe in tartan to promote the Back to your Roots series. We were of course behind her Scottish attire including the tartan boots and when the stylist called us to see if we could do the same for Rory Bremner we were delighted to be part of the fun. Radio Times 17th-30th December Rory Bremner Rory Bremner is the Piper Piping and wears his own family tartan, the Ogilvie Hunting Ancient. He can't actually play the pipes but he certainly looks the part! So while you are perusing your Radio Times and planning which Christmas films and repeats of your favourite old telly programmes you can admire Rory's shapely calves in his 100% Scottish, traditionally made tartan kilt.