Shades of Grey is this summer's sizzling hot read and despite mixed reviews from the girls here in the office we have decided to do our very own themed Shade of Grey themed blog. Ours is of course Shades of Grey tartan rather than Christian Grey, CEO and set in bonnie Scotland rather than Seattle. Not everyone suits black and grey is a kinder colour which suits a wider range of skin tones and can look super smart and sophisticated. It also looks great teamed up with denim for a more casual look so really it is a colour you just can't go wrong with. Tartan does wonderful things with grey as it lifts it by bringing in other colours. Add purple and you get the Pride of Scotland Platinum, red and white for Auld Lang Syne, a hint of light blue in the Patriot Weathered or go bold with the Thompson Grey which introduces wider stripes of black, red and white. We have pulled out a few of our favourite grey tartans for you and you can use our Tartan Finder to search for more combinations. Create your very own Shades of Grey outfit! [gallery link="file" columns="4"]