[caption id="attachment_237" align="alignleft" width="150"]New York City Tartan The New York City Tartan[/caption] Lots of lovely stories this week to share with you. Anna's favourite is of course from a French customer in Annecy who owns the Restaurant le refuge du calvaire and has just ordered Stewart Royal tablecloths and some cotton tartan fabric for making bench cushions. Perfect for adding to the mountain atmosphere. Wendy is all excited because the tartan suit for the prom has arrived in America to rave reviews. "Got the suit just now! It is the most beautiful suit I have ever seen. The fit is perfect and the detail is exceptional. I will send a picture after Prom is over. Thanks so much for all your help and please tell the Tailor how excited we are!" This kind of feedback really makes our day! Tomorrow is April so we are stock taking while dealing with your orders...luckily there are lots of women in the office so we are talented multi-taskers. April is an exciting month with Tartan Day and New York Tartan Week with all the special events going on. Watch out for more on this as we are going to run a competition with some fabulous prizes! Anything to do with the New York City tartan? Now that would be telling!