Rihanna tartan dressRihanna was rocking tartan on Sunday night for her XFactor performance. The combination of her demure red MacQueen tartan dress and black stockings created quite a stir! Let's not mention the shoes and stick to discussing that fabulous dress. We are big fans of the MacQueen tartan of course with our tartan jacket and tartan pencil skirt pictured on our website in the striking red black and yellow. A new version of the tartan has just arrived on the block. The MacQueen of Skye tartan replaces the yellow stripe with white and is already a firm favourite with customers. So Gary Barlow loves tweed and Rihanna loves tartan. Whatever next on XFactor? We are working on a tartan dress design at the moment and Rihanna's version has thrown the designers into a spin. Tell us what you would like and we will see what we can come up with!