Plants are a popular gift to give during the festive season and a lovely gift for someone who already has everything. If wrapped beautifully the lucky recipient will often leave the plant wrapped to enhance the display and this is where tartan just adds that extra special finish. You can of course use any fabric you fancy as we are a little biased on the use of tartan. It is a good idea to line the fabric with cellophane if you are watering the plants. We don't want them dying a day after they are received and of course this also means the recipient can use the fabric for craft projects once they do unwrap their gift.
Add that extra touch by using their very own family tartan and make this the most personal plant ever received.
In this project our gift wrap guru Jane Means used Gordon Red Ancient tartan. You will need enough fabric to cover your plant, the same amount of cellophane, some ribbon or an extra strip of fabric to tie around the top and a pair of sharp scissors. How to Tartan Gift Wrap
  1. Ensure you have enough fabric to cover the plant pot
_R9A4545-10002. Cut roughly the same amount of cellophane _R9A4550-10003. Lay the fabric on the table, overlay the cellophane and place the plant pot in the centre _R9A4553-1000 4. Gather the edges to the base of the plant _R9A4555-1000 5. Keep gathering that lovely fabric. We are using a 10oz wool which drapes really nicely and looks good however badly you gather it. Cottons and polymixes will work equally well._R9A4557-1000 Nice match of the reds in the tartan and the flowers there Jane!_R9A4562-1000 We did our photoshoot out of season and had to use this miniature rose but the favourite for Christmas is of course the Poinsettia. Lucky we are wrapping them in wool as poinsettias come from Mexico and Central America and like to be kept warm. I was relieved to read on Alan Down's gardening tips that these plants are meant to be seasonal and will probably look a bit sad by mid-January. So it wasn't my very un-green fingers after all! Water them with tepid water and avoid over-watering to prolong their life says Alan._R9A4565-1000 What are you favourite plants to give as gifts? Send us some ideas and we will post them on our blog. _R9A4566-1000 If you want a neutral tartan not linked to any particular clan or family the Flower of Scotland, Stewart Royal, Black Watch and Scotland Forever are a good choice._R9A4567-1000 _R9A4570-1000 _R9A4575-1000 5. Secure with ribbon and tie a bow. If you don't have any ribbon then a strip of the same or contrasting fabric can work just as well. Fray the edges for extra effect._R9A4578-1000 _R9A4581-100 _R9A4583-1000 Jane checking her bow is just perfect. Check out our other Tartan Inspired Gift Wrap posts to learn how to make some really fancy bows._R9A4585-1000 Make your gift extra special and wrap it up in one of our 500 tartans. Order your fabric here.