Our Tartan Invaded Trends blog post series aims to bring Tartan to the forefront of fashion, illustrating how subtly including hints of tartan in your outfit can be as on trend as the latest fashion trends themselves! This week we discuss The Pencil Skirt.

Described by Glamour magazine as "put-together and feminine, polished, profession-looking, and still flirty enough to change your top and wear from office to evening" the pencil skirt is a must- have staple for every wardrobe. So if we want to instantly whittle our waist, enhance our curves, appear slimmer, and look chic no matter the occasion how do we choose the perfect pencil skirt for our body? We let you in on a few secrets!

Plain or print?

Slim, trim bottoms can take bold patterns and add to your curves, whereas bigger bottoms need a simpler print or solid colour pencil skirt. Go bold with a bright, busy check tartan or for something more subtle choose a bigger check or a herringbone tweed. Head to toe colour will keep your silhouette simple and you can really go overboard with your accessories to bring the outfit to life. Take the opportunity to add a statement pair of shoes. Maybe a pair of tartan pumps? Chiara Feraagni Pencil Skirt

Style and fit

Your pencil skirt should always look smooth, so be careful not to choose one that is too tight as this will create not so flattering bumps and rolls and you won't be able to walk properly. If you go for a custom made or made to measure skirt you can choose the waist and hip measurement to ensure your skirt fits your shape rather than being cut from a generic, standard sized pattern.

Nicole TrunfioThe Waistband

Pencil skirts should sit nice and high to accentuate the shape of your waistline and make your legs look super long. Tuck in your blouse or top to define your waist and give a more polished look, and pair with a fitted jacket for the perfect workwear that looks great if you sneak out for happy hour after hours too. To add extra definition to your waist wear a belt that is darker than your top or skirt.

Reese Witherspoon Pencil SkirtThe Length

If you are on the shorter side then choose a hemline right on the knee to give you longer, leaner legs. Average height and taller ladies suit a hemline lying at the smallest point of your legs which is just above or directly below the knee. For made to measure it is much easier and more accurate to ask a friend to take the measurement or measure an existing skirt you love the length of.
“There are so many positive attributes about the pencil skirt that it’s almost impossible not to have at least one hanging in your closet,” says style expert and model Jaimie Hilfiger. Will you have yours in tartan or tweed?
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