This week saw the launch of the long awaited tartan shirt. We have had a list of customers requesting tartan shirts and while LL Bean have re-instated their "Men's Scotch Plaid Flannel Shirt" line (a good sign that we must be on trend!), they only have a limited range of tartans and you of course want so much more.

So welcome to the new range of Tartan Shirts made to order in over 500 tartans. Once this line is established we hope to introduce a slim fit cut too so if this is more your style let us know and we will ask our pattern designers to work a little faster! Tartan ShirtBlack Watch Tartan Shirt The beauty of the tartan shirt is that it is so easy to wear and in recent years the check has enjoyed a resurgence on the catwalks, so instead of looking like a lumberjack, with good tailoring you can now pull of a variety of looks depending on the colours you choose and how you style your shirt.
"Tartan Shirts are the simplest way of injecting a stab of colour and pattern to any wardrobe with the minimum of 'fashion' thought" Topman design director Gordon Richardson.
The shirt is a great option if you don't feel quite brave enough to wear a pair of tartan trousers or a jacket but you want to show allegiance to the clan...or your favourite pattern. Being more versatile you will of course wear it more often too.

So what do you need to think about when you choose your tartan shirt?


Maybe you are purchasing a specific clan tartan in which case this might be a simple decision between the Modern and Ancient versions. If not then you have a huge opportunity at your fingertips to show off your personality and style. Go red and black for a bold, rebellious look. To turn it punk team it with a biker jacket, skinny jeans and a pair of Dr Martens. Swap the Dr Martens for a pair of Tartan Brogues and the biker jacket for a solid colour wool blazer to change this into the totally opposite preppy look. Blue checks will work beautifully with jeans or chinos and are always a safe option, go green check for a more country casual look or for monochrome choose a Menzies Black and White or Erskine tartan.
"Men who don't wear patterns or colour wear tartan" Jeffrey Banks, executive board member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America

How to wear:

The Weekend

Your tartan shirt will always look good with jeans on the weekend, and you always have the option to order it slightly oversized to wear over a t-shirt. Wear heavier duty boots and a chunky beanie hat to cultivate the outdoorsy look, topped off with a gilet or quilted jacket.

Tweed over tartan shirtwaistcoats-tartan-shirtTartan Shirt with GiletWeekday style

Dress up your shirt with a textured or chunky plain knit tie, wear it with a wool blazer or as part of a 3 piece suit. There is nothing quite like tartan under a plain waistcoat, or choose a herringbone or mottled tweed to bring out the colour of the stripe. Mixing your wool fabrics works well and we are always here to help if you are struggling to find your match.
And girls do not worry we have not forgotten about you - a ladies cut is under discussion and we welcome your suggestions and feedback please. We are also currently designing you a Tartan Shirt Dress so watch this space as it is looking lovely on the cutting table!