Our Tartan Invaded Trends blog post series aims to bring Tartan to the forefront of fashion, illustrating how subtly including hints of tartan in your outfit can be as on trend as the latest fashion trends themselves! This week we discuss the oversized scarf. Our customers are buying our gorgeous brushed wool, tweed and cashmere throws and wearing them as scarves, with some very stylish results. Read on to learn more from a few expert stylists out there.

So how exactly do you wear an oversized scarf? We are all into layering this season and the perfect finishing touch is a big, bulky, textured scarf great for injecting some colour and life into dull winter clothes.

The Infinity Loop

Musings of a London Mum blogger Jemima fell in love with our Kennedy Weathered cashmere wrapping it around and leaving the ends loose. To create this look yourself fold the fabric diagonally to make a triangle and then lightly twist it (takes a bit of the bulk out and creates even more lovely texture). Wrap the scarf around a few times leaving just enough to either tie or leave the ends loose. For a proper infinity the circle of course must not end so you need to tuck the knot into the scarf. Kennedy rug scarf

The Drape

Lindsey is a lover of muted colours and tweed is much more her thing than tartan. She perfects "The Drape", so easy as it doesn't involve any fancy knots and the bulk of the blanket gives you all the texture you need. Wear with an unfastened winter coat, belt it at the waist or just let it blow in the wind...lovely whichever way and especially in Cadogan tweed.

Ropes of Holland Tweed Scarf

Cape Style

You can look very glam by simply wrapping your blanket around you and if like me you don't like wearing a coat this is the perfect alternative. The great benefit of wearing a pure wool (or cashmere) blanket is that they are so cosy and comfortable, and although you might initially look at it and wonder how on earth you can wrap that round you and look stylish, below we show you just how. How to wear the blanket scarf Source To wear your blanket as a cape, just wrap it round you and drape it over one shoulder for a sophisticated finish. Pin it on the shoulder with a funky brooch or a kilt pin if you don't want to have to re-arrange it while you are out.

Wrap it Up

Quite simply wrap yourself in your great big scarf and enjoy the comfort whatever the season. Our Help for Heroes tartan rug below was styled by @PoppyLoves during the summer but right now more likely to be found swooshing around the ice at Somerset House if her latest blog is anything to go by. What more elegant way to keep warm than wrapped up in tartan? Poppy loves Help for HeroesSo if you weren't persuaded to invest in one of our gorgeous range of rugs to sit on or snuggle under on the sofa then at least now you have another excuse to add one to your wardrobe. What are you waiting for? Visit our pinterest board and instagram pages to learn more tartan scarf styling tricks.