Vivienne Westwood tartan trousersVivienne Westwood loves the tartan check and we always look forward to her new collections to see how she will apply our favourite pattern this season. London Fashion Week 2012 does not disappoint with lots of structured shapes and fabulous textures from the top designers. Vivienne Westwood always creates flattering shapes for us w0men and as sharply tailored jackets and dresses in tartan and wool hit the catwalk the collection had a very "British" feel to it. Our favourite item has to be the tartan cigarette trousers pictured left. Yes of course we can make you a pair! Bold colours contrasting with subtle tones would have to be the theme and we have so many tartans you can do this with. Line your tartan jacket with red satin, pick out the subtle line of pink or orange colour in your favourite tartan with a bright plain silk scarf, or take a totally plain black dress and make the statement with our tartan bow belt recently featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine. Corrie Nielsen tartan collection 2012 Another big favourite from London Fashion Week has to be Corrie Nielen with Scottish heritage playing a big part in her latest collection. Corrie explained “Yes, my third great grandfather John S Burns inspired it, and the Burns family tartan, but the research underpinning it was about a book documenting tartans written by some brothers back in the early 1800s, the Vestiarium Scoticum”. The book also inspired the name of the collection and reinforces the importance of tartan in Scottish history, and not only to the families and clans they represent. Along with designers like Corrie we love bringing that Scottish history to life. Our new women's collection of sharp, tailored suits in tartan and tweed will soon be ready. Sneak peeks coming soon via our Facebook page. The samples are being made and our new photoshoot location looks like it might be the most dramatic yet...think Scottish castles at their best!