[gallery link="file"] Living etc have been writing all about tweed and tartan and how to decorate your home with heritage fabrics in their October issue. It is very inspiring and demonstrates beautifully how you can create some really stunning looks with clever combinations of colour and subtle touches of tartan and tweed. Right on cue we have introduced our Harris Tweed fabric range and we can of course make you cushions, throws and any other accessories to order if you prefer tweed to tartan. This is a range we hope to build on depending on customer feedback so all comments and suggestions will be gratefully received. What we love about the Living etc article is that it uses some really bold colours, strong purples and blues, rather than sticking to the very subtle green tones we often see. Saying that if you love subtle tones then search for the Weathered tartans and you will be in heaven. Our tartan finder lets you search by colour so if you want to explore the colour opportunities in the hundreds of tartans we have available then this is a good place to start. Then order yourself some swatches and play with colours and patterns. And of course if you are totally stumped or overwhelmed with choice give us a call as all of our sales staff love their tartan and can make suggestions. The boss even has tartan blinds in her kitchen....it only took her about 3 months to decide which colours co-ordinated perfectly.