The first question is probably do you need a ring cushion? No is the answer but they are another personal touch that add to your special day and a nice keepsake for your memory box. Ring bearer is also a lovely job for a younger member of the wedding party and there is nothing so cute as a little one carefully carrying your rings to the front of the church.
Wedding ring cushions normally reflect the colours used on the big day, whether it is the same silk used on the bride's dress, the colour picked up in the bridesmaids dresses or venue deco or as a special surprise to recognise your husband-to-be's family tartan.
Five Best Ring Cushions Personalisation is the big wedding trend and names and dates can be added to your ring cushion. After the big day use it as an extra cushion on your bed and then your new husband will never have an excuse to forget your anniversary! Recently we have had lots of requests for 2 tartans incorporated into one cushion and this is no problem, although we do advise you to have one tartan on the top and the other on the bottom, as unless the pattern repeat is the same and the colours tone nicely it can look a bit messy. Flower of Scotland Ring Cushion
So what little extras are you planning for your wedding? Will you be having a ring cushion? Maybe you are making your own? Share your clever ideas with us.