Penny Lancaster with Stewart tartan rugA tartan picnic rug is to be one of those items every family just has to have. Sit on it, wrap it round you as the evening goes cool, give one away as a Scottish gift, snuggle under it on your sofa. Even Penny Lancaster has the Stewart tartan of course. A tartan rug is a purchase you will never regret. We have 10 reasons why you need a tartan rug in your life: 1. Picnics are far too dull if you sit on a plain rug. A tartan rug is colourful as well as being 100% practical. If you live in Scotland you might want our Waterproof backed picnic rug! 2. You can show off your Scottish heritage and have your rug in your very own tartan....or just choose a really pretty one! Our current favourite is the Highland Rose. 3. You can pack your tartan rug in the boot of your car and pull it out at unexpected times. If you get stuck in a snowdrift, to wrap around the children while you wait for the AA or to dry yourself after an inpromptu paddle in the sea. 4. You are supporting the Scottish manufacturing industry. Your tartan rug is woven here in the Scottish Borders. No imports, just 100% supersoft lambswool spun, dyed and woven in Scotland. 5. You can support our soldiers and raise money for the Help for Heroes Charity by buying your tartan rug in the fabulous blues and red of the Help for Heroes tartan. 6. When you go camping in Scotland and it is a bit colder than you thought you can use your tartan rug as a blanket, or fold it up and use it as a pillow or wrap it round your head to keep the midgies off. 7. Your tartan rug is so smart it also looks fabulous as a throw slung over the back of a sofa or laid across the end of the guest bed 8. A tartan rug makes a perfect Scottish wedding gift as the recipient will keep it forever. Keep it personal and choose one in the bride or groom's family tartan or if they don't have their own tartan choose Scotland Forever, Stewart Royal or Black Watch as these are neutral tartans. 9. You can even have a half size tartan lap rug ideal as a Scottish baby gift. We will even make you tartan baby shoes to match! 10. Scotland is a land of history and heritage, amazing natural resources and traditional manufacturing skills. When you buy a tartan rug you are buying a little piece of this.