Daily Mail 26th September 2013 Tartan Coverage It's official the Daily Mail loves tartan! On the 26th September they featured their favourite tartan pieces for Autumn. We love the lampshade. You can make your own using the 10oz wool tartan fabric. The pure wool fabrics are naturally fire retardant to domestic standard and great for interiors projects. Our favourite giant tartan cushion is fab for lounging around on the floor or even as patio cushions. Pictured here in the MacMillan Old Ancient tartan you can have yours made in any one of over 500 tartans. The colours in the Laura Ashley throw are lovely. If you are partial to these shades but prefer a wool throw we have a new Shetland Wool Throw in Mulberry which you will find hard to resist. As for the yellow leather and tartan satchel....think we might have to try and get some of these made as it is fantastic! Tartan is all over the catwalks for Autumn/Winter and there is so much to choose from. We like to think of ourselves as the experts in tartan (not just following whimsical fashion!). We sell authentic tartan woven in Scotland and the quality and origin of everything we make is very important to us. Please ask if you want to know where your fabric came from and how it was made, or the history of the tartan you have fallen in love with. We love sharing the heritage behind our products.