Duchess of Cambridge with her tartan scarfWell that was the Diamond Jubilee! The British weather did it's best to dampen things but the celebrations continued and from street parties to picnics to thousands of ships on the Thames and a star-studded concert it is fair to say that the Queen's 60 year reign has been well and truly honoured. Our tartan antennae were out and this blog post is all about the tartan we spotted during the celebrations. The Duchess of Cambridge looks as fabulous as ever in her red McQueen dress accessorised with a Strathearn tartan scarf. In case you did not know yes this is in recognition of her Scottish title the Countess of Strathearn! Helford Leisurely Ladies Gig Rowers were spotted in the Jubilee Pageant wearing lots of Cornish National tartan. Luckily it is nice and bright with lots of yellow so they didn't get lost in the fog and rain! Jessie J did not actually wear her Christian Louboutin spiked-toe tartan loafers to the concert but we loved this photo taken after she was asked to perform at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee concert. The loafers are Stewart Black tartan and we can't quite do the spikes for you but we can certainly do the pumps! Gary Barlow had a tartan tie on during his performance but we are still trying to find a detailed photo to tell you just which tartan it was. The blue and black suggest maybe a Clark Ancient or Ramsay Blue tartan. We will keep you posted. Stars of the show with a rooftop performance from Buckingham Palace have to be Madness and of course the brightest tartan suit you can find. The Buchanan Repro tartan certainly took centre stage with it's striking yellows and reds. Not that dissimilar to the Strathearn tartan!Madness in tartan suit