Paul Costelloe does tartanPaul Costelloe is our star of London Fashion Week and opened the show with a touch of his Irish roots with a burst of emerald green before moving into a soft and very Autumnal red. Metro reports "Tartan was the order of the day and was used primarily to create boxy, wide-necked jackets that showcased Costelloe’s fine tailoring and gave a nod to the utilitywear trend. All of the models were kitted out with red wigs that bobbed down the catwalk and had an element of texture and frizz to them - frizzy hair looks set to make a comeback" (hurray says our boss as her curls are a little out of hand today and now she can claim she is just really trendy and hasn't just lost her hairbrush!). For the ScotlandShop take on the tartan jacket look no further. Read more from this article And Harriet Walker wrote for The Independent that Tweed, tartan and classic reds ruled at London Fashion Week. "Red was the colour of London Fashion Week, along with traditional materials such as tweed and tartan. It all invoked a mood of the classic county clan and set, well, a rather regal tone." So visit our Red Tartan Finder to choose your perfect red tartan.