[gallery link="file"] The trilby has been around forever and reappears on the catwalk and in the fashion pages with great regularity in various guises. In the first half of the 20th century the fashion of wearing a hat really grew in the USA and hats became an important part of each and every man's wardrobe. Felt hats were hugely popular and the Fedora (which Bing Crosby so famously wore), was a standard item of clothing for men, rich or poor. The narrower brimmed trilby was a hat traditionally reserved for special occasions and by the end of World War II, the trilby had become the most popular hat to wear with a suit and became a symbol of chic elegance and class. Historically Frank Sinatra is one of our most famous trilby wearers and the attitude with which he wore it has become an icon of the 50's and 60's. Frank's grey trilby with a wide silk band is the most recognisable of all and the one he is pictured with on the cover of the "Come fly with me" 1957 album. Hats stopped being everyday wear for men in about the 1960's but they have made a big comeback both as smart and casual wear. In the last 2 years XFactor runner-up Olly Murs has made the trilby part of his personality. Olly has even recently talking of designing his own line of hats. So the challenge is to come up with a truly unique trilby. We are giving you just that opportunity. Custom make yours in one of over 600 tartans and gain a little bit of Frank and Olly's cool sophisticaton and confidence!