Tartan Doggie Draught ExcluderWe just had to put a quick post on about our favourite Friday parcel. The cheeky tartan sofa pet with his matching round tartan cushion is heading off to Italy and the Wallace Modern doggie draught excluder is off the Germany. They look so cute all packed up in their silver paper, although the tails did keep escaping!Tartan Doggie draught excluder Now we really are into the swing of Christmas orders and we are creating a special section for Scottish gifts for all the family so we can showcase some of our more unique ideas which make such a personal gift. Make sure you order soon so your pets can be created in time for Christmas. Each pet is a truly local creation using tartan fabric woven here in the Scottish Borders and handsewn by our trusty seamstress Lynne. So along with the choice of over 500 tartans if you have a preference for the colour of his bow collar or even his nose we can do this for you as he really is made to order just for you. Woof woof!