We are always trying to make life easier for you and our latest upgrade to make the checkout process slicker and simpler is the addition of Checkout by Amazon as a payment option. If you already have an Amazon account with your favourite addresses and credit or debit cards attached to it then you are going to love this. I first used it on Sports Direct and loved the fact that I didn't have to go and get my wallet or type in all my details, just click Checkout by Amazon, login to your Amazon account and confirm. Tartan in 3 easy steps! We have lots of exciting improvements planned for 2013 and this is just the first. We will be doing a few surveys to find out what you would like to see on our website, which tartan or tweed products you are dreaming of and which bits of our technology are driving you mad. But don't wait for us to contact you. Email, Livechat or call us with your feedback and we will do our best to help. Happy 2013 from all of us!