It can't be stated enough, all of us at are here to help. So, when we were approached by a customer who was facing a Valentine's Day dilemma, it was all hands on deck to come up with a solution.

The Woman Who has everything...

As I mentioned above, we were recently approached by one of our regular customers who was having some trouble coming up with a gift idea for Valentines. This customer - he as asked to remain anonymous for the sake of his relationship - couldn't think of anything his girlfriend would want; being one of those women that seems to have everything - we all know somebody like that don't we? Well, if you can't think of a specific case, try to imagine one. Do you have that sort of character clear in your mind? good, well she is just like that. Our first few suggestions fell flat - they were obviously very good suggestions but unfortunately this chap's girlfriend already owned such items. "How about a fine wool stole?" we asked. "She has one already" our customer replied. "Not to worry, what about a cashmere beret? they're all the rage at the moment." came our reply. "She has three" the unhappy voice at the end of the line replied. The conversation carried on in roughly this vein for several minutes with the customer becoming more and more desperate for a unique idea. Eventually inspiration - divine or otherwise- hit us. "What's your girlfriend's surname?" we asked. "Baird" said the chap "And your surname is MacPherson, is it not?" "It is." he confirmed. "Well what about this..." we gave him our suggestion which was met with an almighty cheer. "You've done it!"he said "She'll love it!"

Two-Tone Tartan Ted Two Tartan Ted

The rather ingenious idea dreamt up by my colleagues was to combine the family tartan of our caller with the family tartan of his girlfriend to create a teddy bear as unique as their relationship. The couple's teddy bear is of course a combination of Baird and MacPherson tartans - specifically Baird Modern and MacPherson Dress tartans which has been embroidered with their initials and a love-heart. If, like our caller's girlfriend, you are crazy about teddy bears - or are in a relationship with someone who is - why not create them their own bespoke bear and join your two tartans together? Teddy Picnic