Sunday Express S Magazine July 20th 2014 CoverSunday Express S Magazine featured our Commonwealth Games Tartan Rug in their July Issue. The Commonwealth Games are now over, but the legacy of the games will live on for a lifetime and Glasgow can be proud of their hard won title for the "best games ever". Makes us proud to be Scottish and as a company based on good service and friendly and helpful customer service it is great to see that the Games also delivered on that level and showed off all the best traits of the Scottish personality. We were very pleased to see the Commonwealth Games tartan feature in the spectacular opening ceremony and you can even purchase some of these costumes in the official auction of items used during the games. If you loved the spinning Tunnock's Teacakes or the enormous Loch Ness Monster these are also available! Our Top three moments from the Opening ceremony include, The Scottish Ballet Piece set to the Proclaimers, The dancing Teacakes, and the Scottie Dogs leading in each country. We have even had customers buying tartan fabric so they can make their own tartan coats for their dog and apparently it is almost impossible to get your hands on a Scottie dog puppy following their rise to fame. So we hope you enjoyed the 2014 Games as much as we did and long live the legacy....and the tartan! Sunday Express S Magazine July 20th 2014 Coverage